Bugs and Issues

Please report any problems you’re having with ezDL to our team so we can help you and fix issues for all users in future versions.

If you’d like to report an issue, we’d be thankful for an email to bugs@ezdl.de. Alternatively, you can file a bug in our bug tracking system.

Please include in your message

  • a description of the problem: what happens?
  • a guide how to reproduce the problem
    • Which tools were you using?
    • Which steps have to be performed after starting ezDL in order to provoke the issue?
  • a description of the expected outcome of your action
  • a description of what did actually happen
  • possible output like error messages

Please do not include

  • user account names or passwords
  • other private information

You can, of course, write the message using an anonymous or throw-away email address, but it might be helpful to us if we could reach you just in case we’re having further questions or could use your help in trying a fix.