Are you interested in using ezDL for your own projects? Or do you want to contribute to ezDL?

More information for interested developers is available at the following sites:

Operator Guide

Developer Guide

How to Get the Repos

ezDL is split into a host of Maven projects, nearly each of which resides in its own Mercurial repository. The usual way to get the source code is to clone each repo individually.

Granted, this is cumbersome. Because of this, we wrote a small tool that lets you clone all Mercurial repositories in a given directory on a Mercurial web server. You can use it as follows:

  1. Download hgclonedir from our web server.
  2. Now use the tool to clone all ezDL repositories at once. In the following example we assume that
    • hgclonedir.jar is in your current (working) directory
    • the Mercurial executable is located at /usr/bin/hg

    The parameter [REPOURLROOT] is replaced by the root URL of the ezDL repositories, [USER] and [PW] with a user name and a password. [DIR] is replaced by the target directory, which is created if not already there. Developers who are not members of Uni DuE can use the URL given below. If in doubt, ask your mentor for the right URL.

    java -jar hgclonedir.jar /usr/bin/hg


    java -jar hgclonedir.jar /usr/bin/hg john mysecretpw /opt/ezdl-dev

    If this process does clone a few number of repositories but not all (and if you observe project directories disappearing during the clone process), you are probably using a too deeply nested directory, resulting in too long file names. In that case, use a directory with a shorter name to clone into. E.g. /opt/ezdl (as shown above) or C:\ezdl if you are on a Windows machine.

  3. Done.

Public Source Code Repos

  • The public Mercurial repositories of the current stable release are updated each night with the latest fixes. User name anon, password anon