last changeWed, 16 Jul 2014 13:38:16 +0200
2014-07-16 mjordan pointing to production system default tip
2014-07-16 mjordan POM fixed regarding JNLP
2014-07-21 tbeckers using custom desktop class to avoid problems on certain Linux systems and OS X systems
2014-07-16 mjordan Typo fixed
2014-06-10 tbeckers EZDL-871: Remove SearchTool interface and rename DefaultSearchTool
2014-06-10 tbeckers EZDL-851: Trustworthy backend certificates should be pluggable
2014-06-03 tbeckers updated welcome screen
2014-06-03 mjordan Added tag release_1.10.0_2014-06-03 for changeset 04847653a528
2014-06-03 mjordan Release 1.10.0 release_1.10.0_2014-06-03
2014-05-26 dungs fixed radio colors
2014-05-07 tbeckers deactived help dialog, open website instead
2014-04-30 dungs radio colors
2014-04-28 dungs radio colors
2014-03-13 tbeckers updated year
2014-03-13 tbeckers EZDL-821: Better algorithm for opening new tool view
2014-06-03 release_1.10.0_2014-06-03
2014-07-16 20d48282f5b1 default