People and Publications

ezDL is the work of many people. The following lists are in alphabetic order:

Lead Architects and Developers

  • Thomas Beckers
  • Matthias Jordan

Khresmoi Project Lead and Developers

  • Sebastian Dungs
  • Sascha Kriewel

Student Developers

  • Tina Bannert
  • Markus Franitza
  • Patrick Foguing
  • Jaroslaw Gustak
  • Jens Kapitza
  • Ioannis Karatassis
  • Paul Parenko
  • Simone Sauer
  • Andreas Tacke
  • Pouyan Fotouhi Tehrani
  • Roman Tipografov

ezDL builds on the ideas developed and the research done within the Daffodil project. Many more people helped to develop Daffodil. Important publications are linked below.


General Concepts


Proactive Support

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